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Becoming a certified SCUBA diver opens doors to incredible possibilities. Vacations become adventures, lakes become places to explore, and the people you meet while doing it become good friends. We offer many different options to get you certified. You choose what fits into your schedule.

If you want more information about what the Open Water SCUBA course is like,

CLICK HERE to download a map to our training sites.

Two Day Scuba Class
Pool and Class

Complete your confined water training and academics and be ready for your trip to warm water or join us at Clark Lake to complete your open water training and be certified for the summer.  Join us on one of our exciting trips to complete your open water dives, or we'll give you a referral so you can finish your training at a location of your choice.

Feb 8-9
Mar 21-22
Apr 18-19
May 2-3
Jun 13-14
Jul 11-12
Aug 8-9
Sep 12-13
Oct 10-11
More to come...

Open Water Dates
Complete your Open Water certification, from a pool and class session earlier.
May 2-3
Jun 27-28
Jul 18-19
Aug 15-16
Sep 19-20
Weather Permiting
Oct 17-18

Dates: Kids Scuba Class
This class is for kids 10-15 years old.  It is an exciting way for kids to learn about diving with other kids.   


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None of these times work for you?
Get 4 friends together and you can create your own class!

Or, if you want more one-on-one instruction we also offer private classes. Call for Pricing.

struction. Call for pricing.