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Learn how to use enriched air in your everyday
diving. It gives you longer bottom times in the shallower depths and many say you feel less fatigued at the end of the dive.  No dives are required. 

Go to PADI.com, take the online class at your convenience, name us as your dive center. Then come in for about a hour and do the final. Very easy way to do nitrox.


Class begins:  At your convenience




Why take Nitrox? Let me (Jim) give you a couple examples from this summer...

I was diving 32% enriched air on the Arabia in Tobermory, Canada. The wreck lies in approximately 100 ft of water. At 27 minutes my dive buddies were out of time - yet, due to Nitrox, I had 18 mins left of no deco time. At 50 ft on way up they were still out of time and I could have remained at that depth for another 56 mins, if I had enough air!! 

Another example, diving the Cedarville up north at the Straits, I was doing a long dive from stem to stern. Those on 32-34% enriched air did the dive with no deco time. Those on air had 20-30 mins of deco time. 

Is it worth it...? YES! There are dives in Cocos we probably could not have stayed down nearly as long if it was not for the enriched air. Think about it for those dive trips. It gives you much more time down and keeps you away from the limits of your dive tables. 

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