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In Ice Diving Class You Learn:
   ·  To plan and organize ice dives
   ·  Reasons and opportunities for ice diving,
   ·  Equipment considerations
   ·  About site selection, preparation and hole-       cutting procedures
   ·  How to practice the procedures and techniques       for handling the problems and hazards of ice       diving
   ·  To use specialized ice diving equipment, safety       lines, signals, communications, line tending       and line-securing techniques
   ·  How to manage equipment problems
   · About the effects of cold, emergency       procedures and safety-diver procedures

Come into the Divers Mast soon to get your book for the PADI Ice Diver Certification!  This weekend includes class work on Wednesday night and then diving on Saturday and Sunday!  You complete 3 dives total applying all the learned skills.  If you are already Ice Diver Certified, you may join us this weekend!  Please let Tyson know if you are interested in the class or in just diving!  The dates are set, however if there is no ice the class will be rescheduled.   

January 30 2019 classroom
Febuary 2,3 2019 dives

30th 6pm



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