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This course is for both divers and non-divers. Emergency First Response (EFR) includes training in Primary care (CPR) and secondary care (first aid).  This class also includes AED training.  AED stands for Automatic Electronic Defibrillator - they are in malls, schools, and airports.  Learn how to use one with our instructors from the Divers Mast.  These skills as well as other important emergency care skills are combined into one five-hour class.  Class fee is  $75.00 plus your text. 

There is some home study with this class - so get your books early.  You also must watch a DVD before class.   We also have a new DVD on Emergency First Response on children.  Sign up with a deposit of $25.00.  EFR primary care is a required class for rescue diver.  A refresher course must be with in 2 years to keep up-to-date. Divemasters - check your dates -  you must be current.

Next EFR class:    

May 16th 2018 6pm
July 25th 2018 6pm

Current medic must be within 2 years.

EFR Re-certification Dates: Same dates as above, just shorter time!

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