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Divers Mast Guns


Now Stocking Defense Ammo and handguns

Glocks, Ruger, Walther,Taurus, Smith, Rossi, Mossberg, Charter Arms. Let us know what you want us to stock.
Used Guns list soon to come.

DTR Terminal shock

9mm         $19.98 / 20 rds
40S&W     $20.98/20 rds
45 ACP     $21.00/20 rds

22LR         $7.00/50rds
22LR HV  $5.95/50 rds

9mm         $19.95/ 50rds
45acp        $32.00/ 50rds

Wolf Gold 223  $10.95/ 20 rds
Am Eagle         $45.00/ 90 rds


Local CPL instructors

Gayle Hyde  517-206-3839

Michael holmes  517-782-2073

Jim LePeak  517-769-2791

Consignment Guns

Remington  870
Smith 12 gauge pump Home defense